Advice to all writing exams

To all students writing exams!

Writing your final exams is an understandably stressful and anxious time for all learners. If you are feeling stressed and anxious, know that you are not alone. Remember that a certain amount of stress is useful during this time, and this will motivate you to work hard to achieve your goals. However, if you feel like you are becoming overwhelmed by your stress and anxiety, you might like to follow some these tips:

1. Make a realistic study plan and stick to it.
2. Make summaries of your work.
3. Study for 20-40 minutes at a time and take regular breaks. Remember, watching TV is not a break (rather exercise, do chores, walk in the garden)
4. Ask your friends and teachers for help if you need it.
5. Focus on one exam at a time, and don’t let past exams affect the next one.
6. Get enough sleep and drink plenty of water.
7. Stay away from caffeine, energy drinks and unnecessary medication.
8. Try using music through earphones to help you focus.
9. If you are a naturally active or sporty person, try walking or playing with a ball while you study.
10. If you feel like you are having a panic attack, remind your body that it is not in physical danger.

If you feel overwhelmed or even suicidal due to your exam stress or results, speak to someone about these thoughts and feelings before acting. Our journeys to success are often complicated and surprising, and these results don’t have to define your life.

Paul Bushell
Psychologist and Project Manager Khulisa Social Solutions
(Health Professions Council of SA – Reg. No. PS0108715)

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