Argus route map / overview with profile, pics and gps for Google Earth

The Pick n Pay Argus Cycle Tour is a challenging ride. To help you prep, have a look at these links. Download them free, share them with whoever you want. Have a great ride.

Everybody has 2c advice to give – here’s ours, we hope you found it useful.

Qualitas believes that knowledge is power… and you need power to get over Smitswinkel, Chapmans Peak and Suikerbossie. Go through our overview, and you’ll be prepared for the start of the hills… how long they are, where they end (photos). When you get to the top – make sure you’re in a group for the next long straight.

We wish all Qualitas students and staff in SA, and all entrants the best on the Cycle Tour. Ride fast, stay safe and have fun.

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