Deaf Awareness Week 2012

Deaf Awareness Week 2012 - Pelonomi, Carel du Toit, Kids, etc

Speech therapists & audiologists from Pelonomi Hospital, with the principal of Carel du Toit School and some of the children

Deaf Awareness Week is commemorated in the 1st week of September each year.

Qualitas Career Academy received an opportunity to be involved. We had a small role to play. We donated something for the staff of Pelonomi Hospital (speech & audio department) to take the children affected by hearing loss to Wimpy for a burger, and a treat.

Going out for a burger isn’t a big deal in the many peoples’ lives… but to a kid – it always seems to be. And to these kids…. well let’s just say that what I saw was moving.

We popped in (hardly “involvement” in the sense that we’re used to) to meet the kids, staff and take some photos.

What happened next is probably what Deaf Awareness Week is all about. There we met the most dedicated and sincere staff, who have known many of these children for years, have tested them and fitted them with hearing aids and followed up. The teachers from Tswellang were there, and you’d think they were the doting parents of some of these cute kids.

Some of the staff of Carel du Toit School was there too showing how their occupation isn’t just that – it’s a life-passion.

It’s hard to say what moves one about a morning like that.

Well that was my morning. On Monday – Friday next week, next month, and the month their after, etc… these beautiful kids comprise the occupation of the people we met today.

What can I say but thanks for the chance to see into your world. While some may describe their work as a procession of mundane daily activities, your work is truly inspirational.

Children, parents, teachers

We met children, parents and teachers from Tswellang school.

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