What to expect from Qualitas in 2013

Future outlook for Qualitas

Qualitas Career Academy is investing in more programmes, and broadening it’s national footprint.

More programmes and careers choices:

We are investing in the development of modern, updated programmes in proven fields.  Our development focuses on needs expressed by industry, as this is the only way to develop education that leads to employment.

– Nursing: The shortage of skilled staff in South Africa is a nationally recognised problem. Studying in this field almost guarantees employment.

– Engineering: Our country has a vast shortage of skilled artisans. It also has a sever shortage of colleges with the correct know-how and approach to training them – in a way that leads to real employment at real workplaces.

– Architectural draughtmanship: A huge gap exists in South Africa for skilled people in this field. People with a technical and creative mind should be in touch.

– IT: This ever changing field will continue to provide jobs for years to come.However – the same old technical and networking skills that we’re all to familiar with will only guarantee very entry level positions.  Watch this space and see how our latest alignment with specialised Microsoft programmes and other international trends develops.

– Media & Design (for modern consumers). While print media still has its place, you have probably noticed where consumers are getting their information for he past few years. It’s time a college addressed this in it’s media & design programmes.

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