Gap year

GlobusLeaving school and entering the world of making a living for yourself is a huge step.  After 12 years of routine and 4 holidays a year, things are about to change.  Give yourself a break and take the gap – but do something awesome with your year. Take some time to enrich yourself with confidence, style while you discover what you have to contribute to world.

Qualitas Career Academy presents the ultimate programme to take during your gap year. The course is interactive  and hands on – plus you’ll gain some skills you can earn an income with!

A one-year programme that  combines finishing, image consulting and au pair / executive care skills.

Nowhere else can you learn so much about how to be the best you can be. This course covers taking care of your skin, your hair, hands, feet, wardrobe, how to lay and decorate a table for every occasion, and more.

Students will enjoy the creative skills and the process of learning more about themselves.

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