A good college in Bloemfontein

Qualitas BloemfonteinSo – you’re looking for a Good college in bloemfontein. And by that you probably mean accredited, quality, and affordable.

Qualitas Career Academy is a private college situated in Bloemfontein. This college focuses on careers – not just education, and that has an advantage for its students. This article will share some information about what makes a college “good”  – so that you can decide and make an informed choice.

11 reasons why Qualitas Career Academy should be your first choice

Feature Got it?
Accredited Yes (Nationally and internationally.)
Internationally recognized Yes (A wide variety of international options)
Affordable Yes (Probably the only college who tells you up front what ALL your costs will be.)
Finance available Yes (You can pay cash, per semester, terms, or we can assist you to apply for a study loan.)
Students who qualify find jobs Yes (We have probably the highest number of students employed by the time they graduate.)
Caring Yes (Students are our clients, not our minions – so you get respect.)
Lecturers qualified. Yes (And they are active in their field.)
Organized Yes (Every process is organized, and efficient.)
Good location Yes (Close to town, but away from noisy traffic.)
History Yes (Company was established in 1998, and the Bloemfontein campus has been going since 2008)
Good campus Yes (Modern campus, with good features.)
Fong Kong? No (Not us… Qualitas is for quality education)


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