How to become a hairdresser

It takes 3 years to become  a fully qualified hairdresser, although you will probably start earning a salary long before that! (Many Qualitas learners do.)

  1. Start as a learner by enrolling at Qualitas Hair Academy.
  2. Sign an apprentice/learnersihp/employment agreement with a salon.
  3. Qualify by completing the trade test.
Year 1
Train and practice at Qualitas Hair Academy
Year 2 (1st half)
Train and practice for 6 months at Qualitas Hair Academy.
Year 2 (2nd half)
Qualify + Apprentice
After completing your studies, enter into an apprenticeship/ learnership /employment agreement with a Salon and record your experience hours.
An apprentice earns an income while working under the guidance of a qualified hairdresser.
Qualitas will monitor your progress and working conditions.  You will come back from time to time for assessments.
Year 3
Trade test
Qualitas will still monitor your progress and working conditions, as well as assess your skills. But… this is the year you should apply for your trade test.With all your excellent training, and enough hours from the work environment, you may apply for your  trade test at the nearest Services SETA office.
Trade-test qualified hairdressers can earn a higher salary, and this qualification is internationally recognised.Qualitas continues to monitor your progress and assess. This monitoring and assessment is essential for your certification.


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