Hairdressing Trade Test

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The trade test is your final step in qualifying as a hairdresser.  These trade tests happen at scheduled dates throughout the year.

How is it run? Candidates bring clients to the trade test centre on test day.  Trade test assessors will assess the candidate hairdresser while he/she performs a various hair treatments and techniques on the clients. Feedback is given to each candidate, individually after the test.

Some requirements must be met in order to apply for the trade test. Candidates must have logged a certain number of hours of experience and training in order to be accepted to take this test.

More about the requirements here…

People without formal qualifications or training, but with years experience in the industry, should read this – or contact us to discuss how to qualify.

The Qualitas Hair Design programme thoroughly prepares learners for this occasion by providing real-life experiences on campus so that learners can be confident when this big day arrives.

Qualified hairdressers receive this certificate, with an official red seal. It is issued by QCTO in conjunction with the Department of Higher Education & Training

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