Harlem Shake Video Contest: Rules

Competition rules

  1. This competition is a video competition.
  2. This competition is only open students enrolled at Qualitas Career Academy sites, specifically licensees of the Business & Technology Academy.
  3. What we encourage from a good Harlem Shake:

3.1.    The person dancing in the first half must have head wear of some random sort.

3.2.    The fact that this video is done by Qualitas students at a Qualitas site must be visible (some Qualitas branding)

3.3.    The 2nd half must by awesome, and the awesomeness must be intense.

3.4.    The traditional Harlem Shake music should be used.

4. We discourage the following overdone Harlem Shake practices:

4.1.    The headwear should not be a motorcycle helmet. That’s been overdone.

4.2.    Sexual moves / pelvic thrust, or the same by dolls, fluffy toys, costumed gimps, or anything else for that matter, or the same being done unto such poor items of childhood innocence.

5. Students may produce as many Harlem Shakes as they wish, but not all will be published.

5.1.    A campus may submit 1 video for every 20 students enrolled at that site.

5.2.    The campus must decide which video will stand the best chance of getting the most votes.

5.3.    The video chosen must be compliant with the rules above.

6. One video will be chosen as the outright winner. The prize will be awarded for that video. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered there into.

6.1.    Now…. Here comes the tricky bit… If you got 9milion people to shake it…. You must be clear how you want to share your prize, and they should too…

6.2.    Qualitas will issue the prize to the winning campus, who will distribute the funds to the team who won.

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