Introducing new academic offerings (Business & Finance)

We’ve just introduced business and finance programmes to Qualitas Career Academy.

This is the approach we took.

Source outstanding sites of delivery

Having identified and signed new sites of delivery, we are proud to be expanding our offering to a wider audience in South Africa. We have partnered with specialists who have excellent facilities in strategic sites around South Africa. We do this via a licensing method where we maintain quality control over each site. We expect to sign more sites on in future.

Source partners with excellent reputation and curriculum

Instead of re-writing tired and tested curriculum, we sought to work with the South African Institute of Management (SAIM) and the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB). Both have years of expertise in developing refined curriculum. Both have outstanding employer reputations. Both have international relations. We believe that these qualities are essential for our learners.

Attract the correct calibre of educational team

We’ve been saying this a lot lately: “We partner your desire for success with our experienced educational team” (and variations thereof). We believe that peoples’ drive to succeed should never be watered down, or dampened with staff who don’t have the qualities required to prepare somebody for success. To that end, we commit to work with suitably qualified staff who have a track record in the educational business.

Pilot the concept for a year

We’ve been piloting the Business Academy model, and we can proudly say that we’re ready to carry our experience over to new sites and new committed candidates who want to grow their professional careers.

Stay in touch, and find out more about our full-time and part-time offerings.

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