NB: Upcoming dates and re-writes in Kimberley

New part-time courses starting in August

  •  23 AUG: Bookkeeping to Trial Balance
  •  30 AUG: Business & Office Administration
  •  1 SEP: Business Literacy

Prices (for each module)

  •  Registration: R700 per module
  •  + Cash fee: R4600
  •  or Terms fee: Deposit 1550 + R850 x 4 months
  •  or Self-study: R3500

If interested, please use the contact form.

Special price for students who need to re-write exams

Students may repeat the classes at 50% of the fee.
If you need extra assistance to pass your re-write, this will help you to prepare.
(Only applies to courses starting in August.)

Please note:

  • Students who do NOT pass the re-write will have to repeat the subject and the POE.
  • However, if you PASS your re-write, then you pass the module
  • This offer is advisable for students that received less than 50% (The pass mark is 60%)
  • Payment terms available on request.

If interested, please use the contact form.

Contact details

  • Tel.: 051 447 5412
  • Email: Study@QualitasWorld.co.za

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