Make-up and beauty tips for the matric farewell

Beauty tips for your matric farewell

If you’re wondering about how to look beautiful at your matric dance… read on.

How to look beautiful on your matric farewell

Ensure your skin is glowing for this special event by following a thorough beauty routine at home.  Cleanse tone and moisturise your skin twice daily. Only use products suitable for your skin type.  Tip:  Stay away from soap!  It will dehydrate your skin and make it flaky!

Should I exfoliate?

Exfoliate once or twice a week to remove all the dead skin cells from the skin’s surface, leaving the skin looking fresh, healthy and glowing!

Hair and make-up

If someone is doing your hair and make-up professionally for the matric dance, go for trials beforehand to make sure you are 100% happy with the end result.

Tips for doing your make-up yourself

If deciding to do your make up yourself, herewith some important tips:

  • Make sure the skin is thoroughly prepared for the make-up application.  (Cleansed toned and moisturised.)
  • Always make sure your eyebrows are perfectly shaped to frame your eyes. Do this at least 2 days before your special event.
  • Apply concealer to hide any blemishes and redness on the skin. Green concealer works wonders for disguising redness!   Orange concealer hides dark circles under the eyes.
  • Make sure your foundation blends in entirely on your skin.  Always test foundation in natural light on your jawline.
  • Use colours on your eyes that are complimenting to your skin tone and your dress.
  • If creating a smoky eye, apply lots and lots of waterproof mascara and even false eyelashes!
  • Play with shades of charcoal, black and silver to create a perfect look.
  • You can apply white eyeliner on the inner eye to make the eyes look bigger.
  • Highlight your cheekbones with blusher to enhance them.
  • Keep your lips “pale” by only applying a lip gloss, leaving the emphasis on your eyes.

Finally, you want to look and feel gorgeous on this special night! So therefore spend some time playing to perfect your look and don’t hesitate to consult a professional.

This information was compiled especially for matric students by Faber, from the Qualitas Wellness Academy.

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