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Master the skill of Swedish Massage therapy in your own time and at our own pace in the comfort of your home.

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Quality online lectures

Stunning quality visuals get up close to show you every tiny detail.


on any device

Study wherever you are, on your PC, Mac, iPad / Tablet, etc.


In your own time

You are the master of your time. Any time of day or night.

How much can a massage therapist earn?

Average rate


(per hour)


Full body massage


(60-90 minutes) 

Neck back & shoulder massage


(30 minutes)

Incomes vary according to experience, who you work for, or if you work for yourself.

What can I expect from this online course?

close-up, practical video explanations

See close up demonstrations of each technique until you perfect them all. Finally, you will learn how to combine them into a full body sequence.

Massage theory

A good massage therapist knows anatomy, physiology, the skin and muscles. There's more to massage than moving your hands over somebody's body.

Learn on-the-go

Test your knowledge as you go, with interactive real-time assessments.  Start, stop, resume as and when you're ready. Your progress is logged online.

Never alone

Your lecturer is in touch with you online. When you need help, support or any guidance, there's always somebody to chat with you.

What does it cost?


Save R500 today

R 1999

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