Part Time Hairdressing Qualification – Bloemfontein

This course is for people working in a salon who need to obtain their hairdressing qualification. Registrations are open for the next semester in Bloemfontein. [Enquire]

Starting on: 21 July 2014
Schedule: Mondays (once  per week)
Time: 09h00-17h00
Where Bloemfontein campus

Attend class once a week over 3 years (while working full time in a hair salon).Qualitas Hair Academy - Creative style


Applicants must be 18 years or older. Applicants must work full time under a qualified hairdresser in a hair salon while enrolled on the course.  Proof of contract with the salon must be handed in within 2 months of starting date of the course.  Applicants must be available for two additional block weeks for intensive training to be confirmed.

How does this qualification differ from studying full time hairdressing?

  • Full time students attend classes every week day for 18 months and thereafter work another 18 months in a salon. Full time students are also part of a campus life!
  • Part time students will attend classes for 3 years, while working full time.
  • The trade test is the test taken in order to become a qualified hairdresser.

Enquiries and registrations are now open.


Send us an enquiry using form below, and we will assist.

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