Pastel Training in Bloemfontein

Qualitas Career Academy is an Authorised Training Centre (Pastel ATC) in Bloemfontein.

Organised. Simple. Excellent pass rates.PastelATC
This is what you can expect.

  1. You receive training, with a qualified lecturer. This lecturer is a qualified pastel trainer.
  2. During class, you practice and work on a computer with pastel installed on it.
  3. You write your pastel exam, on the Pastel Software, at the campus.
  4. Your results come very quickly.
  5. You get a certificate from Pastel stating that you qualify
  6. The certificate is accredited by Pastel, and is SAQA / NQF accredited with the FASSET SETA.

To book your pastel training

  • Call Marina Visser: 051 447 5412, or
  • Email, or
  • Send us a message – click here.
  • Offered part-time

Where is the centre:

  • 74 West Burger Street,
  • Bloemfontein

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