The secret to improving your memory

The older (and busier) we become the more the issue of memory (and lack thereof) becomes a point of frustration.

From simple tasks, like losing keys and forgetting names to serious errors of memory at work and at home, remembering everything seems to be getting harder and harder.

What if your brain actually decides to forget?

Current research suggests that an overload of information might be more to blame than age. In the information-era, we are simply carrying too much information at any given time.

In our defense, our brain makes executive decisions about which information to retain and clear away. To our frustration, sometimes the wrong information gets cleared away. As a remedy, experts suggest what is called, ‘controlled forgetting’. This is the conscious process of having a thought, identifying it as irrelevant in that moment, and deliberately letting it go.

So how do I keep my memory in great shape?

Sleep and exercise have also proven highly effective in boosting memory. If you are unable to take a power nap during a busy day, ensure that you are getting enough sleep every night, and that you avoid high concentration tasks during the mid-afternoon when your brain is naturally in a slump.

Regular exercise is also important, but if you can’t make the gym: walk while you are on phone or when having a meeting; regularly clench your buttocks at your desk; perform squats during your break or; use a stress toy.


Article by Paul Bushell
Psychologist and Project Manager Khulisa Social Solutions

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