Sound engineering: What does a sound engineer do, and what’s it like to be one


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Mike Koenane, resident Sound Engineer at Qualitas compares engineering sound with baking the perfect cake, and shares some insight on what it’s like to be a sound engineer, and what they do. If you’re considering this as a career – this is useful.

What’s it like to be a sound engineer?

How often does your average (for lack of a better word) “cake eater” think about the baker or the ingredients that went into making the cake? Not so often, in fact most people just enjoy the taste and that’s all they care about. What does this have to do with sound engineering? Keep reading while I explain.

What is a Sound Engineer

Sound engineering is for guys and girls who love to work behind the scenes; their job is to make the other guy (or girl) shine. The minute you start hearing the audience talking about the sound guy you know there’s usually problems. It’s like that time you take a bite into a slice of cake only to find it tastes like somebody must have mistaken kitty’s pellet for the chocolate. OK, maybe you’ve never tasted anything that bad but I think you get the idea. The sound engineer is presented with a lot of different ingredients; examples can be guitars, vocals, drums, voices and so on. If he does his job properly your typical listener will not even think about him. He has to decide how much of each of the ingredient has to go into the mix and hopefully come up with something most people will appreciate.

If you think about it you’ll start to realize how big and wide this field of sound engineering is. You will find these invisible non attention seeking souls at Radio Stations, TV stations, Film Studios, Recording Studios, Live Concerts, Churches, Live conferences and Case hearings.

The job of a sound engineer entails using equipment such as microphones, mixers, amplifiers, speakers, keyboards and so on. You will find yourself working with musicians, event organizers, and video production people and so on. It is a fun and interesting field but requires dedication and hard work.

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