Studying at Qualitas – a Student perspective

FriendsQualitas Career Academy is not just a place of learning, but also my home. With great lectures and best friends to make, Qualitas is definitely the place for you to be.

If you would ask me to summarise Qualitas in one word or sentence, I would not be able to do so. For you see Qualitas and the people who work here, changed my life.

I may just be a first year but in this short term, Qualitas has showed me how to be the best I can be with the passion I have in my heart and soul. However, to fully appreciate it; you should come see for yourself!Hugs

Qualitas has a great variety of courses that you can sink your teeth into… We have the Beauty & Wellness course as well as the hairdressing course. I am personally involved in the Beauty & Wellness course and I really could not be happier. We even have architecture and many more!

Every Wednesday at 10:15 AM, our lectures are on radio to promote our Academy and too give the listeners some great pointers about each course on 100.6 FM. HomeSometimes it is how to treat your hair the best or even why you should not wash your face with soap! Even I was once on radio with my two Beauty & Wellness lectures, Miss Anra Faber and Kruger, and we talked about our courses in our department and I had the chance to tell the listeners all about how I experience Qualitas!

We are like family here at Qualitas and look out for each other. Qualitas is Latin for quality, and I agree 100% to this motto! I hope we will see you soon at our Academy!

Natasha Strydom


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