Tips for business emails

Emails for Business

Paul Bushell, a psychologist practising in KZN shares some back-to-basics tips regarding business email.

Email has become one of the most important mediums of business communication. Emails are both time and cost effective. It is has therefore become important that businesses consider the quality of emails being sent internally and externally within their organisation. Ineffective emails threaten productivity and reputation, and therefore profitability. Email communication should:

  • Be clear and short
  • Avoid slang or jargon
  • Use correct spelling and punctuation
  • Avoid slang or jargon
  • Use the same greetings as a formal business letter
  • Use bullet points for clarity
  • Use email addresses which are short and simple to repeat over the telephone (avoid b’s and v’s)
  • Not include pictures or jokes


Given the importance of email communication in a global business market, training or template email formats are often useful to share with staff. If used correctly, email has the potential to unlock productivity and profits.


Paul Bushell

(Health Professions Council of SA – Reg. No. PS0108715)

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