Upcoming part-time courses & workshops

Part-time courses & workshops

Part-time studies are aimed at working people who want to further their careers through evening / Saturday classes. The following courses are scheduled at various campuses for 2015.

Click on a campus to see which part time courses are available, and their dates.


  • Pastel Accounting (Sage Pastel v.14 )
  • Office Computing

Nation Certificate : Bookkeeping (SAQA ID :58375- NQF L3)

  • Bookkeeping to Trail Balance
  • Payroll and Monthly SARS Returns
  • Computerized Bookkeeping
  • Business Literacy NQF 5

FET Certificate : Bookkeeping- ( SAQA ID: 58376 – NQF l4)

  • Financial Statements
  • Cost & Management Accounting

National Diploma: Technical Financial Accounting- (SAQA ID : 36213 – NQF L5)

  • Income Tax Returns – TBA
  • Business Law Accounting Control – TBA

National Diploma : Financial Accounting- (SAQA ID : NQF L6)

  • Corporate Strategy – TBA
  • Management Accounting Control Systems
  • Financial Report and Regulatory Frameworks – TBA
  • Accounting Theory and Practice – TBA

ICB: Financial Management for Entrepreneurs Programme

  • Business Literacy
  • Essential Business Finance – TBA
  • Computerized Bookkeeping – 26 Sep

Diploma Business Management N4-N6

  • Management Communication
  • Computer Practice
  • Entrepreneurship & Business Management
  • Introduction to Accounting

Business Management National Certificate

  • Business Management (N6) (Diploma option) – Jan 2018

Electrical Engineering

  • National Certificate (N3) – 11 Sep 2017

National Diploma : Electrical Engineering – Self study

  • National Certificate (N1 – N4) – 11 Sep 2017
  • Installation Rules (Paper 1&2) – 11 Sep 2017


  • Project Management: Essential Planning & Control Methods
  • Project Management: Advanced Planning & Control systems
  • Programme in Information Technology
  • Computer Skills- E-Learner
  • ICDL Certificates
  • Pastel accounting

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