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I received my grades from the exam in Dec 2015 this morning and I am very happy to pass. Right from the start I was welcomed by the staff and shown to the allocated rooms. Every question I had was quickly answered.

Anra were very professional and enthusiastic in accommodating me with this exam. She went out of her way to give me the tools to prepare me for the work ahead. This is the most prepared I’ve felt for anything! Anra and the staff are so knowledgeable! Any and every question I had, was always THOROUGHLY answered. They are super approachable and I will refer any and all students to Qualitas Career Academy.

‎Thank you Anra and staff for everything.

I have studied International Beauty Therapy and it was a wonderful  experience. My lectures didn’t just teach me how to become a Beauty Therapist, they also helped me grow as a person.

Beauty Therapy is not just about all the glitz and glam as most people might think, you gain so much more experience about the human body, mind and spirit. I personally struggled in my first year to find a balance between my social life and studies, but I grew and released what my priorities are. I am very blessed to have had this opportunity and never will forget this experience and the friends I have made.

– Hesner

2 Years as a Beauty student….

When I first started my student career at Qualitas I went in not really knowing what to expect. It was a brand new experience and it was very intimidating. The first day I arrived I was so nervous to meet everyone and I wasn’t sure if I would fit in. When we all met each other we didn’t really know where to place each other, but after the first month we started to warm up to each other. Whenever you put a bunch of girls together there will be some clashing of personalities, but we always knew that we had to resolve it in a calm manner and set aside our differences to work together and at the end of our first year we grew ever closer and some of us made friends for life. Our lecturers looked so intimidating at first, but we soon realised that their attitude towards you is directly reflected on the attitude we have towards them (if you are humble and work together they will be humble and work with you).

Miss Natalie started with us and ended with us, she was almost like one of the girls. Miss Vianda who always tried to help and we knew when we did something wrong with her “sound effects” and her kind-hearted approach to teaching. Miss Faber, the lecturer that we were all a little afraid of and who had a reputation of being very strict, was actually a real sweetheart who would show you respect if you showed her respect and helped us through these two years of wanting to give up almost everyday and just said that she refuses to allow anyone of us to quit.

All our lecturers made a real impression and left deep footsteps in each of our hearts and left a huge mark in the manner of how we should treat others. As we approach the end of our two years together of good times, bad times, fights, giggles, talking about our heart aches, advice given and dancing in the class during spring cleaning, I would just like to say it’s hard to believe that in these 2 years together that we are a family. So to the friends that started with us, the friends that left us and the friends that are leaving with us; I am eternally grateful for all of you.


– Ammie van den Berg

Being a student at Qualitas Career Academy as a foreign student, was a great experience which combined a passion and a career job.

Being a mum and a master degree student did not stop me to reach my goals. With the support from my husband and the great lecturers at the beauty and wellness department at Qualitas, together with all the challenges that I have faced, I was able to do it.

Qualitas was like a home, I have never felt like a foreigner. It may just be a year, but in this short term qualitas has showed me how to be the best and how to claim professionality and to be proud of your self.

Our fabulous lecturers team Mrs Anra Faber, Mrs Vianda Kruger and Mrs Natalie Venter was working very hard to do their best and to give us the latest info in our beauty field. As a beauty specialist student Qualitas gave me the opportunity to grow and learn and over the time I have spent in it, I have collected a lot of knowledge for my career. Qualitas has been on my side every step of the way.

I really appreciate it being a student at Qualitas Career Academy.

So, do not miss the chance to be what you want to be and always remember:  success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get.

– Ezdehar Emhemmed

My name is Yosmeli Ortega Lopez, I was a student at Qualitas Career Academy. My experience studying at Qualitas as a foreigner has been unique. I was able to study this beautiful career namely Beauty Therapy. I am pleased with the education I have received here because they provided me with the knowledge, tools and motivation I needed. I want to thank my teachers for the support and commitment they provided me. I have found here not only excellent teachers but also wonderful people.


– Yosmeli Ortega Lopez

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