Trade test (for hairdressers without qualifications)

Trade tests for hairdressers who don’t have formal qualifications? Is that possible?

Qualitas Career Academy has referred many people to the correct process at the Services SETA. Read on, as this information has helped many people in South Africa.

Does this describe you?

“I have been working in a salon for many years. I can do the work, but I don’t have any formal qualifications. How do I qualify? How do I do a trade test?

There is a hairdressing trade test for people like this.

The “Section 28 trade test”

It’s called a “Section 28 trade test”
NB: this information was updated in 2014, with new processes being introduced.
[Click here to see the updated info]
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The strange name name comes from a section from the old “Manpower Training Act.” Section 28 in the act provided for people who have been trained, and/or gained experience in the trade that is equal to that of somebody who has completed an apprenticeship to take a trade test.

So – who do I speak to, and how much does it cost?

The Services SETA arranges and conducts these trade tests.

How do I contact them?

You might have a local branch of the Services SETA in your town.

Go to their website and find out. Here are some useful links:

Phone numbers for regional offices:  or the  Main web site

What should I expect from them?

You may need to meet specific criteria to be eligible. For example, you’ll need affidavits, testimonials, any evidence of hours worked, prior education (if applicable), etc.

New procedures come into place in 2014. Click here for details.

We hope you have success, but feel free to contact us.

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