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Electrical Engineering N1 - N6

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About Electrical Engineering

This programme is aimed at technically minded people, who have the ability to think logically and put plans into practice. Just about everything connects to (or was made using) electricity. Every new building, from house to office park, needs electricians to make it work. Older buildings need maintenance, repairs and upgrades.  The global trend to greener, more efficient technology requires electricians to gain experience on new & changing technology. A good electrician is a busy electrician. 


What can I do with my qualifications?

  • On successful completion of N2, the learner needs practical components and practical experience in order to apply for his/her trade test.

  • To obtain a Wireman’s Licence, the learner needs to complete N2 (Single Phase Electrician), N3 (Installation Electrician) and N6 (Master Electrician) successfully, Installation Rules Paper 1 & 2, practical /workplace components, unit standards and proof of his/her trade test.  Terms and conditions apply.

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Type of programme

Programme N1 - N6:   Electrical Engineering

Duration per level:   3 Months / 1 Trimester


The programme exists of:

  • Full-time studies – The duration is 3 months / 1 trimester per level / per module

  • Self-study options – Enquire with the sales consultant


This programme progresses through six levels. Each level takes place over one trimester (3 months).  

After completing each level successfully, you are eligible for a national certificate of achievement on that level.

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Admission requirements
  • N1: Grade 9, with a pass in mathematics and science, or equivalent 

  • N2: Grade 12 / N1 

  • N4-N6: N3 with Mathematics & Engineering Science

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Programme modules

N1-N3 – 1 Trimester (3 Months) per level 

  • Industrial Electronics

  • Electrical Trade Theory

  • Engineering Science

  • Mathematics

N4-N6 – 1 Trimester (3 Months) per level

  • Industrial Electronics

  • Electrotechnics

  • Engineering Science (Engineering Physics N5 & N6)

  • Mathematics

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