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Architectural Draughtsmanship

Draughtsmanship Brochure & Information sheet

Draughtsmanship Enrolment form

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First Year Programme 

The draughtsmanship programme familiarises students within the fields of architecture and building construction. It will equip you with enough theoretical knowledge and practical skills to start your career as a candidate architectural draughtsperson or allow you to enter further studies in the architectural field.  


Closing date for applications: 28 February 2024

Closing date for registration: 29 February 2024

Course starting date: 1 March 2024


Grade 12, with an AP score of 24 and proof of own creative work (photographs / scans of max. 5 line drawings, sketches, art work, etc. of which the prospective student was the author).


What process needs to be followed for admission to the 1st year programme in Architectural Draughtsmanship? 


Step 1. Download the programme Information sheet and Enrolment Form at the links above, or request it from or   

Step 2. Scan and email the following attachments to

a. Completed Part A, B and C of Enrolment Form

b. Copy of ID's of student and sponsor

c. Completed and signed Terms & Conditions by sponsor (pages 1 - 6)

d. Creative portfolio - see Information sheet for requirements (Max. file size: 10MB)

e. Grade 11 / 12 results (whichever is available at time of application)

f. Proof of payment of Enrolment fee

Step 3. On receipt of the above, we will arrange a telephonic interview with you. Upon completion of the interview, acceptance to the programme will be communicated to the student and sponsor via email.  

Step 4. On acceptance, the following is required to complete the registration process:

a. Pay registration, kit and book fees.

b. Make payment arrangements of tuition fees as per the signed enrolment contract.



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For any additional information, contact Madelane Gerber @

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Send us a message / request info and we will contact you.

Thanks! Message sent.

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