Hair Design NQF 2 - NQF 4

Hair design programme

This full time course focuses on combining theory with industry related practicals in a classroom environment. Students will host salon days at the campus, where they will practice what they have learnt with real clients. Training will be done under the guidance of experienced facilitators and industry experts

About the institutes

Qualitas Career Academy is an accredited institution that trains professional hairdressers. At Qualitas Hair we focus on giving you all the theory you need, balanced with lots and lots of practical time in a well-equipped training salon. You’ll enjoy salon days where you practice what you’ve learned. First you’ll work with model heads (dolls) and later with real clients.  

Type of programme

Full-time studies -The duration is three years. Tuition is face to face.

Admission Requirements​

Although the academy recommends that all learners complete grade 12, the minimum entry requirement is Grade 9. 


During the programme, learners will receive a statement of results from Qualitas Career Academy.  Once learners have successfully completed their qualifications, they will receive national certificates from the Services SETA.  

Exams and assessments

During each semester your will complete theory and practical assessments. Throughout the semester, you’ll get lots of practice and feedback before to prepare you for success. 

The Trade test

To qualify as a professional hairdresser, you must complete a trade test. This happens once (and sometimes twice) a year. It is conducted by the Services SETA at an approved trade test centre.  The Qualitas Hair Design programme prepares learners for this, and provides real-life experiences on campus so that learners can be confident when that day arrives. 

The Salon kit

Qualitas Career Academy wants you to look and feel like a professional from day 1. We source quality hair design instruments from salon suppliers when compiling your kit. The kit contains all the items you’ll need to succeed on this programme.



NQF 2 

  • Business Literacy 

  • HIV/Aids in the workplace 

  • Trichology (science of hair)

  • Salon ecology 

  • Shampoo, Condition & Massage 

  • Styling (wet, fingerwaves & pincurls) 

  • Basic cutting 

  • Workplace Experiential Training 

NQF 3 

  • Salon Management 

  • Chemical Treatment (Relaxing) 

  • Make-up 

  • Colouring 

  • Advanced cutting techniques 

  • Styling (long hair style techniques) 

  • Workplace Experiential Training 

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NQF 4 

  • Salon Management 

  • Hair braiding & dreadlock techniques 

  • Chemical treatment (perming) 

  • Advanced Colouring Techniques 

  • Competition Techniques 

  • Hair Extensions 

  • Apprentice at a salon and you will be 

  • monitored by Qualitas Career Academy 

  • Workplace Experiential Training 


NQF Level



National Certificate in Hair Design




National Certificate in Hair Design




National Certificate in Hair Design




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