Health & Skincare Therapy as a Career Choice

Why choose a career in the Health and Skincare Industry:

Words like “Beautician”, “Cosmetologist”, and “Somatologist” are all used to describe the career of “Health & Skincare Therapy”. Maybe you’re considering this career choice. Perhaps you’re wondering if there are jobs or good career opportunities. In this article, we hope to share some honest, valuable insight from people who know the industry well.

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Both men and women are seeking ways to care better after themselves.  Anti-ageing treatments as well as physical and mental wellbeing are buzz words and visiting salons/spas are becoming a necessity and not only a luxury.  It is becoming a way of life.

The Health and Skincare Industry is much more than painting toenails red.

This is a career within the service industry. Those who make it are those who want to make a difference in people’s appearance and the way they feel and think about themselves.  It takes a special kind of person to be able to give so much and do this kind of work.

It’s a highly competitive industry.

The therapists with successful careers are those who are consistent and dedicated.

Is it for you?

Well… do you agree with the following statements?

  • I have a passion for working with people.
  • I want to make people look and feel healthy, positive and
  • I enjoy making people look and feel beautiful.

If those three things apply to you – then you should consider a career in Health and Skincare Therapy.

I think I want to be a health and skincare therapist – what now.



If you’re nervous about making a career choice – the best thing to do is get all the facts!

Start by finding out all the pros and cons of working in such an industry. Nobody will know these better than existing, working therapists. Make appointments to visit salons, spas and training schools.

If you do that – you’ll be armed with all the info you need about:

  • Working hours: The hours are long, and you may need to work on weekends/ public holidays
  • Starting salaries
  • Benefits

Knowledge is power. It is better to have a realistic picture than being disappointed later on because of wrong perceptions. Many people leave this industry because they entered it with the wrong perceptions.

What can I look forward to?

Some of the benefits include taking the prestigious international industry examinations like CIDESCO and ITEC.  International certifications like these open up opportunities to travel and see the world.

Career opportunities include working as a therapist in a salon or spa, being a business owner/entrepreneur, working on international cruise liners or being a professional product house trainer just to name a few.

Where should I study health & skincare therapy?

This is a demanding and very personal field of study.  So, choose a training institution were you will be more than a number!

Training in this field requires (at a minimum) the following:

  • Lecturers with real industry experience,
  • small training numbers for excellent attention to detail,
  • practical exposure to the industry and above all,
  • passion – lots of it!

Follow this simple advice and you too can be successful in this industry for years to come.

If you are still uncertain about a career path, but you know in your heart that this is the career for you – come and visit us for quality, honest career advice, and our undivided attention.

This article was written by Anra Faber, Academic Head for the Wellness Academy, Qualitas Career Academy in Bloemfontein, South Africa.

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